Bali under tension after unknown men kill two gendarmes


Journal du Cameroun  | Security has been beefed up in Bali-Nyongha, in the North West Region of Cameroon following the killing of two gendarme officers on late on Saturday by unknown men.

According to sources, the corpses of the corpses of the gendarmes were found between Mantum and Ngalingum betwen the circumstances of their death could not be immediately established though other sources say the corpses showed signs of brutality.

The bodies were immediately transferred to the mortuary that same evening as a heavy contingent of security officers trooped into Bali to track down the perpetrators of the crime.

A sourcein Bali told that Bali remained highly militarised on Monday morning with many residents staying indoors to avoid any confrontation with the military.

The killing of the gendarmes comes just few days after an attempt to abduct the Secretary General of the Bali council by unknown men was foiled at the last minute by security forces.

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