Big G Baba supports Jovi in social media beef!


Yes, actually true.

If you are just joining us, I’ll summarize here quickly.

It started with Jovi firing at Stanley Enow and some other household names of Motherland Empire Inc. Then Stanley Enow and associates sent insults hidden in bomb shells back to Jovi. All on Twitter oh, nowhere else.

We thought it’ll finish. Then Wax Dey entered the matter, proposing five (05) million francs to be won by Jovi or Stanley Enow on basis of who removes the best beef track against each other. FIVE MILLIONS FRANCS OHHHH! “If na me, I’m taking my money live yah!” [Translation : If I were Jovi or Stanley, I’ll fight for the money”.]

Jovi ranted at Wax Dey, telling him to keep his money, and that he [Wax Dey] should continue to use his money to buy likes / views and fans. Seriously? I don’t know, but is that how Wax Dey has been doing? Hmmm,fear!

Now, Big G [singer of dope track “Problem Dey”, “Something is Wrong” and “Hustle”] of has joined in the quarrel, supporting his long time friend Jovi. The latest heat is falling on Wax Dey now.

Big G tweets to support Jovi
Big G tweets to support Jovi

Are you seeing it? Wax Dey has been buying likes, views and fans. Now he has been destroying artist eh? I’m waiting for the next artist to join oh. Are you also? Don’t forget to comment below


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