Big Mop’s missing daughter found; circumstances surrounding the kidnap


The 15-year-old child of the famous Cameroonian comedian disappeared last April 23rd in Douala, and was finally spotted last Friday in Limbé.

A happy ending came to punctuate a very hectic week for “Big Mop” aka Alain Clovis Tchoungue.

Big Mop had put out a video on social media crying about the missing daughter. She was later found on a friday afternoon in the town of Limbe. In the video he said,

“I am sending you this video to announce the disappearance of my daughter named Tchoungue Buitcheu Elise Danielle, 15 years old, who left the house on sunday (Editor’s note: April 23rd) very early, around 5am while I Was running some errands. She was at home with her little sisters. I am pleading to anyone who has information about her to get back to me” . He also shared pictures of the missing girl on social network Facebook.

When her daughter was found and brought to him he was contacted later on phone by a media house and he told the journalist that he had filed a complain to forces of law and order earlier concerning a young man who was suspected to have been involved in the disappearance. “We had seen her with him the night before, and I was very worried, because my daughter and I never had any problems. She has never ran away, “said Big Mop.

The young neighbor was however later proven innocent.With the help of the population mobilized on the internet, his daughter was found in a motel in Limbe. A man seemed to have been bringing her there at evening hers and coming for her in the morning. Elise Danielle was brought back to her parents in Douala, and her alleged kidnapper was arrested by the police. He is currently in police custody in Limbe. Investigations however, are still on going.

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