Biya’s troops molest journalist for covering 2017 GCE.

police molest
police molest

Why security men are present at GCE centres!

The current anglophone crisis keeps increasing as Cameroon government fails to resolve for the seventh month running. As a result to push forward the GCE examination, police officers and gendarmes were dispatched to various writing centres. However, this is no news.  Also, the super low turnover of candidates at the examination of which many term inappropriate due to the long duration of no school. The presence of police officers is to ensure the exams run smoothly.

What happened to the journalist covering GCE?

KarawaDiary gathered that these security men molested a journalist from Spectrum Television (STV) for filming scenes of the kick off of the examination session. This is not the first time anglophones have suffered unjust molestation. Itoe was only let off the hook after he had to delete all the images he had filmed from his camera.  Itoe surfaced on campus early, filming, before the security agents of the school and some gendarmes patrolling pounced on him. He explained that since the GCE is a public exam, it is good for the media to report on the situation in Kumba. His explanations fell short of convincing anyone as those who had gotten hold of him demanded an authorisation.

To save himself from further embarrassment, Itoe rushed to the office of the Principal of CCAS Kumba, Julius Fonge to get permission.  Unknown to Itoe, the reaction from the school administration further complicated his situation. The Principal  reportedly turned down Itoe’s request on grounds that instructions from hierarchy forbids any media from covering this year’s GCE except authorised (like seriously? ). Fonge further rebuked  the STV reporter. He stated during good times  no one  covers them, but when tough, TV cameras surface.

GCE Exams Begin Under Tight Security

Given the prevailing socio-political tension in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, the GCE exams opened under tight security. Troops patrolled major school neighbourhoods in Kumba, while police officers are stationed at major examination centres. The Senior Divisional Officer, SDO for Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’ ou Ndong in the company of Divisional Officers and other security officers went to the different examination centres. Reports from across the Division speak of a hitch free examination kick off.  Recall that the written phase of the examination rumbled off amid calls for civil disobedience from certain quarters.

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