More on the Charlotte Dipanda Saga , All a Scandal


According to Boris Bertolt, a blogger and a social media activist,  Charlotte Dipanda is not the target but one of her relatives who is going in for an important post in the country.

Rumors circulated a few days back that Charlotte Dipanda was a lesbian with pictures of her and another lady.

After Investigations it was concluded that the girl  kissing Charlotte Dipanda is none other than her sister, Patricia Essombo. She follows her everywhere she goes and has been doing this for many years. The picture was taken in 2016 in the lodge of the Olympia in Paris before her concert. Information confirmed by several sources say, the two of them are very close .

The nude pictures in circulation on whatsapp is an extract from a Nigerian pornographic site.

They are not after Charlotte Dipanda, their target is one of her relatives who is campaigning for a very important position in the government. These photographs started circulating within the political-administrative establishment.

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