Brenda Biya’s registration for ENAM exams sparks controversy and she reacts


Hello KD readers!!!. If you are on this page right now am guessing you are having a pretty good day and seeking for some new info to feed your information banks. Well, you are just in the right place.

And today, it is all about Cameroon’s first daughter. You know how it is, when you got such statues you are automatically a celeb right. Jeez! am making the story too long already. Lets dive into what’s up.

Cameroon’s first daughter Brenda Anastasie Biya, Was recently said to be part of the competitive exam into Cycle “B” of the Administrative Division of the Higher National School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM. Ok, I know you think am bluffing or just pulling your legs but thats what’s up. Typical Cameroonians however, have seen this like a camouflage from the president who was criticized for sending her daughter to school abroad despite claims that they are really good high institutes here in Cameroon.

Well, Cameroonians always have their way of looking at things and trust me, Brenda is First Daughter but she is also a typical Cameroonian. When I say she has no chill, she definitely has no chill. She read all the critics going on about her enrollment to write the exams and definitely came to fire back.

On the 30th of August she tweeted this post below…

Written as “Tu étudies à l’étranger ils critiqueront, tu reviens dans ton pays ils feront pareil. Sachez que le Cameroun appartient à tout Camerounais” and translated into English as “

“When you study abroad, they will criticize. You return to your country, they will do the same. Know that Cameroon belongs to all Cameroonians.”
 So, when she posted this, some people came to attack her. I mean some Cameroonians think the reason she is coming to school in Cameroon is not as a result of her will but rather due to the reckless lifestyle that she put up with while abroad. They think her parents want her to come back and school in Cameroon so that they could watch over her.Some think she does not even look like someone who goes to school.
Not withstanding, she is in for the exams all the same.

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