Britain praises Cameroon’s determination to solve Anglophone crisis


Journal du Cameroun  | This was during a meeting between the British Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in charge of Africa, Harriet Baldwin and Cameroon’s Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of the Commonwealth Felix Mbayu held on Monday, April 16 in London.

Meeting on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Head of Governments Meeting, Minister Felix Mbayu met with Harriet Baldwin at the request of the latter as both parties discussed bilateral and Commonwealth issues.

Harriet Baldwin was in Cameroon earlier this year to listen to various parties and help the country seek solutions to the crisis rocking the two English speaking regions of the country-reason why she was eager to be briefed about the progress made in advancing dialogue.

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The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of the Felix Mbayu meets with the minister of state at the foreign and office in charge of Africa @Harrietbaldwin to discuss bilateral and commonwealth issues.

Measures which were aptly presented to her by Felix Mbayu who reiterated government’s commitment through the Head of State in maintaining peace and unity in the country. The British Minister welcomed the determination of the Cameroon Government to solve the problem using dialogue as one of the main tools. She equally espoused the view that dialogue is a process and not an event and welcomed all the strides made by the Government including those stemming from the Cabinet reshuffle of 2nd March 2018.

She also emphasized the British government’s attachment to the Territorial Integrity and Unity of Cameroon.While pledging any form of assistance the Government of Cameroon may require in this connection, she agreed that the matter was strictly internal and could thus be best solved by Cameroonians themselves.

Both parties also discussed how to federate efforts to fight poaching and illegal wildlife trade, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

Cameroon’s bid to become one of the Commonwealth ‘Blue Champions’ as well as the reform of the Commonwealth Secretariat was equally a topic of discussion for both diplomats.

Minister Felix Mbayu is attending the Commonwealth Head of Governments Meeting on the back of the Commonwealth Games and the meeting of Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council in Australia where he took the opportunity to meet the Cameroonian diaspora in that part of the world.


  1. Cameroon francophone deserting the Cameroon team at the commonwealth games to seek for political asylum in Australia?What are they running away from?Are they not the majority in Cameroon and the main power brokers?Are the francophones not the ones who have declared a war against the Anglophone minority? Why run away from your beautiful country?Who wants to kill you when you are the ones killing Anglophones.The Australian foreign ministry should take note that all those Cameroonians who have fled from the games are not from the Anglophone part of the country and are therefore not under any threat..They are francophone and must be tracked down .They have no reason to seek for asylum.

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