Cameroon colonel fights at MTN Yaounde!


Cameroon colonel fights at MTN Yaounde!

A Cameroon colonel of the Air Force took MTN staff and customers at the hostage, by beating and taking away a security guard.

What happened?

According to ‘Le Messager‘ newspaper of Tuesday July 25 2017, on kiosk, the Senior Colonel Leukeufack went to the MTN Agency for some operations, and on his way out, he made an error of the exit door, and was helped by a security agent Mathilda Ndifory of the G4S.


The Cameroon colonel felt humiliated, that a common local female security agent asked him not to take the door he mistakenly took as the exit part, and instead of obeying, he insisted that he must pass where he chose to pass. The security agent on her part, refused that he should use the exit door, used by all, and boom and baah, a quarrel erupted.
Colonel Leukeufack got very very angry and molested Mathilda with serious blows on her face. Mathilda took to her defense and lashed out heavy slaps on the face of the armed military man, who started beating her up mercilessly as if she were his equal, transforming the MTN Customer Service Center into a boxing ring.
Minutes later, Colonel Leukeufack called his colleagues for backup and in less than no time, a batallion of military men in mufti invaded the MTN Service Center got  Mathilda, well beaten up, bundled her,  dumped her inside a pickup and drove away with her.
The paper reported that other customers on the scene were stupefied, as even their own phones were smashed and destroyed during the fight, when the other armed men arrived to save their boss.
G4S, the Security Contractor of MTN where Mathilde works has sworn not to be quiet, until the law takes its turn on Colonel Leukeufack.


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