Cameroon Fashion week explodes with a bad vibe (images)


Hey, KD readers, how are y’all doing? You already know, this is Karawa Diary and we pour a daily dose of what is hot and what is not.

Something has been giving a negative vibe this week. Hold on for a second, before we drive down that hot gists, I want to remind you that the Cameroon Film Industry did paint Cameroon very colorful on the map lately after one of her movies swept so many awards at the Golden Movies Award in Ghana. Did you miss that story? (Read here). We got you.

Ok, coming back to what we left hanging, the Cameroon Fashion Week just sailed through this week, but the vibe it gave seemed to have offended several fashionistas and event managers.

There was one person who was not offended but pretty satisfied about the output of the show though, and that was the brain and organizer of that Fashion Week. She posted this on her social media platform after the event.

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Well, after she made this post indicating that she has been at it for two years, The FIAFA boss, Fred Nemfor, republished a screenshot of her post saying and I quote “And is proud. Seriously?” The reactions on social media were not funny. See some below.

Of course the Francophones did not let it slide…

A renown Model and Radio host also made publications of the event on his social media platform indicating that the Cameroon Fashion Week did not have a professional photographer despite the sponsors named by the organizer herself. See image below;

Could it have gotten worst than this? Well, in case you are still lost about the whole show, we were able to lay hands on some of the pictures taken at the Cameroon Fashion Week showing the runway for models and models used.. See images below..

We will love to hear your take on this.Was this a commendable step or total fiasco? Leave us your comments in the comment box below and we will be right back with more heat.

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