Cameroon: More about the guy who raped a 6months old and 7year old kids in Nkongsamba (+video)


According to what Karawa Diary Learned from NjumeCameroon, A Cameroonian man in his 30s has been nabbed for sexually abusing two girls, aged 7years and a 6months old.

The shocking incident happened in Nkongsamba 2 in the Moungo Division, Littoral region. These two abused kids died as a result of the act. The man who committed the act is said to be a relative to the kids, precisely the cousin to the father of the kids.An angry mob wanted to kill him but police came and took him into custody.Watch video below

The wife of the rapist was interviewed by FIRST MAGAZINE as concerns the act carried out by the husband and this is what she had to say

Q.. Did you know he was a paedophile? –
A. He had already abused our daughter, he told me that he doesn’t know what’s causing him to be attracted to children.
Q. What did you do when  he confessed to you?
A. . I cried all night and we decided to keep this secret for us, I told him that as it seems to be stronger than him, he has to do it far, not with our own daughter
Q. Does that mean you knew he was going to nkongsamba for that?
A. No, he told me he was going to visit his family…

May the souls of this kids rest in peace

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