Cameroon: I spent a week embedded with Anglophone armed separatists (+AUDIO)


Ex-farmers, armed with basic weapons and little training, are taking on the might of the Cameroonian army in the country’s Anglophone regions, according to an exclusive series of reports published by the IRIN news agency.

Journalist Emmanuel Freudenthal spent a week embedded with rebels from the Ambazonia Defence Forces who have been fighting against security forces sent by Yaoundé to quell unrest.

His two-part series documents alleged abuses by the security forces and the stark choice some Anglophones felt they were left with – either flee across the border to Nigeria and become a refugee, or take up arms and fight the Cameroonian military.

The crisis in Anglophone Cameroon has escalated since the end of last year when the separatists declared independence for so-called Ambazonia. Grievances among Anglophones over the lack of English in courts and classrooms originally took the form of protests and demonstrations.

However, the situation has escalated with a crackdown by security forces and the arrest of several Anglophone leaders.

There have been a number of clashes between the Cameroonian army and armed separatists as well as attacks on schools and villages, kidnappings and targeted killings.

RFI spoke to Emmanuel Freudenthal…


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