Cameroon: Military Boat Sinks Off Coast Of Debuncha


Karawa Diary has learned that a Rescue Team was deployed off the cost of Debuncha, one of the villages of the SWR yesterday, Sunday the !6th of July. The deployment was made in relation to a boat which sank between Debuncha and Bakassi belonging to the BIR ( Rapid Intervention Batallion). This was revealed by a press release from the ministry of Defense.

The boat which is said to have been hit by strong waves had about 37 persons on it with majority being soldiers who were on their way to Bakassi. According to further news, the boat was named MUNEDMBA.

A source says Lt Col Moussa newly appointed   in there and who was on his way to take over service was also in the boat.

A crisis meeting has been held between top military officials and the south west administrators.

While at the level of defense ministry, Joseph Beti Assomo, Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of defense held emergency meeting with his close collaborators.

After the meeting it was disclosed that the President of the Republic ,Paul Biya who is also chief of the armed forces created a crisis cell to probe into the incident.This crisis committee is headed by Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Defense in charge of National Gendarmerie, Jean Baptist Bokam.

According to developing stories today as Karawa Diary learned from CNA, 8 bodies were found from the tragedy but only three of them alive.

The incident comes two weeks after Nigerian government launched inquiries into the death of some 97 Nigerian fishermen in the Bakassi peninsular according to foreign media reports.

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