Cameroon sweeps away 6 awards at the Golden Movie Awards 2018 in Ghana in a single movie


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This is Karawa Diary, A daily dose of what’s hot and what’s not. Today we are giving you some hot and good news. Just Yesterday we brought to you and article talking about Alenne Menget a prodigy in the Cameroon Film Industry who was attacked on a social media fight with another star Stephanie Tum (If you missed it, check here).

He is being seen in another news today but this time not in a fight but in raising the name of the industry unto another dimension. Cameroon beat other African Countries in the Golden Movie Awards 2018 that recently took place in Ghana. The movie a Good Time to Divorce received Far more nominations than any other nominated Movie. Out of all the categories in which the movie was nominated, six were brought home.

Some of these winners were Alenne Menget who beat Ramsey Nouah and Majid Mike, Africa’s movie screen bad boys to become the best Actor in Africa in The Golden Movie Awards in Ghana.

The other winners are;

-Nkanya Nkwai’s A GOOD TIME TO DIVORCE won

– Best Drama, Best Story,Best Director & Overall Golden Movie

-Anurin Nwunembom won Best Art Director

In the passed year, several Cameroonians have questioned the strength of their Movie industry as in accessibility to their own art is a little retarded as Movies are not watched back at Home ,yet they are nominated for awards in other Countries.


Not withstanding, this awards can only portray the numerous talents that our industry has and is being undermined. Congratulations to the Team 237 who are good at making it big.

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  1. Our channels don’t show our movies and the promotion are not done around here so how can we know anything about them? We can name atleast 20actors and actresses from countries around Africa but I can’t name upto 3 from my own country that’s really bad

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