Cameroon,Missole: Ghastly accident;lives lost


Five people have died and six others injured in a collision between two cars at Missole, a locality linking Douala and Yaounde, the two main metropolises of Cameroon.

According to testimonies gathered from those residing here and from the gendarmerie who investigated the case, the two cars that were running at high speed came in contact with each other when one of them tried avoiding a truck badly parked.

“High speed might have been the cause of the deads though it was mainly caused by the truck semi-trailer which was badly parked at a point where the driver tried negotiating a bend. The attempt to dodge this truck led to the collision of the two vehicles”said a survivor.

The dead and wounded were taken to various hospitals in the city of Douala by members of the national fire brigade.

At the end of every year, despite the presence of road safety campaign teams on various roads in the country, traffic accidents continue to be recorded, caused in particular by speeding, bad parking Of vehicles and carelessness.

Its so sad. May their souls RIP.

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