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CEMAC: Equatorial Guinea closes its border with Cameroon

CEMAC: Equatorial Guinea closes its border with Cameroon

This decision leads to a slowdown in economic activities at the border town of Kye-ossi.

Equatorial Guinea has once again closed its border with Cameroon. No official communication circulated on this decision, which has been effective since last week. In the field, no movement of people or goods is possible in both directions.

This closure comes less than a month after the decision of the Malabo authorities to liberalize the movement of goods and citizens of the Cemac community area. It was on October 17, just before the summit of heads of state of the sub-region, held in the Chadian capital, Ndjamena.

In the communiqué issued to this effect, the Equatorial Guinean authorities stressed that the opening of the borders had been taken in accordance with the Additional Act of the Economic Zone of 25 June 2013 abolishing the visa for any Cemac national circulating in Community space

For the traders of Kye-ossi, a border town, this blockade has many economic consequences. According to information gathered on the scene, trucks of fresh food are parked along sidewalks, waiting desperately for the green light of the authorities to route their cargo.

In a report broadcast on the TV channel Vision 4, food vendors expressed their dissatisfaction with this situation. One of them claims that the survival of her business is “threatened” by this closure. Despite these complaints, the military is keeping this crossing closed.


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