Check out this part of Kanye West’s TMZ interview that media does not show (+video)


Yesterday, Kanye West was pretty much the most talked about person in entertainment after he said in a TMZ interview that slavery was a choice. Black people and fellow celebrities called him out for his utterance. But there is actually more of that interview that wasn’t shown and it explains a whole lot.

In this part of the interview that didn’t go viral, Kanye is seen apologising to TMZ employee Van Lathan for disappointing him with his words. Van Lathan is the TMZ staff who tackled Kanye after the rapper made the statement about slavery being a choice.

The part where Van tackled Kanye went viral but a video of what happened after has now been released. In the 2 mins 47 secs video, Kanye walked up to Van, hugged him, then said, I’m sorry I disappointed you with my words. He said he didn’t mean to and told him he loves him.


Check out this part of Kanye West

“I just wanna give him a hug,” Kanye said after Van confronted him. “I love you and I want to give you a hug. I feel like you wanna fight me right now, but I love you.”

Van replied: “I don’t fight with my fist men, I’ve been through that.”

Kanye then asks, “So if I come over there, you’re not gonna fight me?”

And Van said: “I’m not gonna kick Kanye West on TMZ”. He then added: “Bro, you gotta be responsible men.”

Kanye says as he walks up to Van, “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

Kanye then hugs Van when he gets to him, and says: “I’m sorry I hurt you bro. I’m sorry I hurt you with my words. I love you bro. I’m sorry I disappointed you men.

At this point, Van explains to Kanye that he’s always seen him as his inspiration and would defend him every time a conversation comes up about Kanye at work. He tells Kanye to confirm that from his colleagues. However, Van said he was disappointed with Kanye’s recent words.

Check out this part of Kanye West

Kanye then goes on to quote Albert Einstein, saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Kanye explained that a lot of people have been hating on Donald Trump and, so far, it hasn’t yielded any results. This, he said, is why he decided to try love. He said he is trying to love Trump to see if it changes things. He added that people think he’s crazy but he knows what he is doing.

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