Crush Of The Week: Meet Mr. World Cameroon, Makala (+photos)


Hey KD readers, it is a new week and you already know. In this Diary, we pen down our weekly crushes. This column celebrates those people using their talent to affect their immediate society and the world at large with their talent and art. Yes, we are late into the week, but this information is definitely not late.

This week we look at a man who has definitely decided to rise above just the ownership of big muscles and a sexy body, one who wants to get himself to a platform of influence and to be inspiration.

Meet Makala Ngongi and yes you can also call him Melcube. He is a 1.94m tall young man who hails from the Bakweri clan (in Cameroon) and Igbo clan(In Nigeria). Yeah, I know you are thinking he is a hybrid African. Of course he is, His mama is from Nigeria and Dad is Cameroonian. He was born in Nigeria and grew up in Buea since he was three years old. He schooled on BGS Molyko, ICHS then later Catholic University(Yh, he got brains like that)

About right now, he is presently Mr World Cameroon. Karawa Diary met to have a chat with him last week

KD: Good day sir, how are you?
Makala: Good day, I am doing awesome, Glad to have you around.
KD: So, tell us, when did you start modeling and how did family approach the idea?
Makala: I started Modeling a year ago and my family has actually been supportive.
KD: What else do you do for a living?
Makala:  I’m a basketball player, acting and actually a fitness trainer.
KD:Which do you have a bigger passion for?
Makala:  I’m passionate about everything I do so can’t really specify(smiles)
KD:What was it like being voted Mr World Cameroon and what have been the challenges?
Makala: It was great to have won something as big as this because you are actually carrying the name of the nation. Well, the main challenge is the mentality people have about models as being immoral and sexually oriented which makes them have a negative impression about models. But I try as much as possible to be the best version of myself and be a good role model. Hopefully i help change that mentality.
KD:What do you have to say about the negative impression people have of models?
Makala: Well 2 me life is all about choices. Don’t confuse my personality from my job. My Job is my hustle and what keeps me going and my personality is who I am. Get to know the models then you’ll realize the impression you had about them is contrary.
KD:What are the major challenges in the modeling industry as far as Cameroon is concerned?
Makala: To me it’s exploitation amd the “Man know man policy in CMR”
KD:Which projects have been involved with so far?
Makala: I was the ambassador for the World Cancer Day in Cameroon. I am also an ambassador for the Passion To Profession (P2P) project which is actually an upcoming youth oriented project in Cameroon.
And I have also been involve in minor projects like organizing little workshops for orphanages.
My focus has mainly been charity and community development. But I’ll engaged in a number of business ventures in the nearest future.
KD:Any Future projects(let us know)?
 Makala: Yeah there are. Just I’ll love to unfold them when time comes.
KD:Who would you be if you were not a model?
Makala: A basketball player
KD:Who are you when the cameras go out?
Makala: I’m a friendly confident but shy guy. Ironical right? (he laughs)
KD:Who do you wanna work with and when do you intend stopping modeling?
Makala: I don’t have a particular person. I have my eyes internationally though. Anybody who brings out the best in me, I’m good to go and about stopping, time will tell. For now let me just keep enjoying it.
KD:Any last words for those enthusiastic or discouraged about modeling?
Makala: I’ll say stand in front of the mirror and look into it, what you see is yourself. So life is all about you. Whatever decisions you make will affect you life positively or negatively.. So if you love modelling and believe in it then go for it but if don’t, don’t border wasting your time. This applies to everything else in life.
OK, KD readers, you read it here first and just like it is, let us know who you want as the crush of the week for next week. Stay tuned to KD, let us keep the ball rolling. Tomorrow, we got our woman crush Wednesday coming up.

What do you think?