#CrushOfTheWeek: Check out Five facts About Tenor you probably did not know (+video)


Hey beautiful KD readers. First we apologize for not bringing to you our last Week’s crush. Karawa Diary was down for maintenance . However, here we are, it is another Monday and we typically will announce our crush of the week. This week we take a look at one of Cameroon’s fastest growing rapper though seemingly the youngest.

He is called TENOR. These are five facts about him you probably did not know

  1. Born in Yaounde, Cameroon in 1998
  2. His biggest recorded hit DO LE DAB was a collaboration of two record labels  BIG DREAMS ENT and WAR MACHINE
  3. His real name is MENGOUMOU AYIA THIERRY.
  4. His big brother GHISLAIN LAROCHE gave him intense training to perfect his art and realize the dream he is living in right now/
  5. He read  Commercial communication in school and has recently been signed to universal music Africa.


So, that was it for our Crush of the week. Before we sign out, have a little feel of his song Do Le Dab. Stay tuned for next week’s crush.

What do you think?