“Do you want me to start exposing ur dirt with proof?” Stephanie Tum backfires at Alenne Menget


Hey Karawa Diary Readers, We are in the beginning of the weekend, yeah! and social media also goes gaga. Our Movie screen players are in some social media clash and we got questions on what is going and that is why we are putting up this article.

By the way, what happened is Stephanie Tum, an Actress, Producer and Philanthropist went to her social media platform, Facebook to make known some grievances against another popular Cameroon film maker Alenne Menget. According to Stephanie’s post,Her wretch was directed towards Alenne, whom she stated was spreading gossip about her.

She wrote an almost endless post on Facebook and we want you to have a glimpse of it below;

“Alenne for the past years that I have known you and taken you like an elder brother to the extent of trusting you and opening up to u during my trying moments believing I could trust u even when u stabbed me in the back gossiping about me to people and saying all sorts of things to tarnish my image and coming back to smile in my face on several occasions. Some I ignored , some I attacked you . I forgave u and and took it as ur flaw.
But you have refused to grow up and you persistently keep doing thesame thing over and over and over again.
I ask myself this question what did I ever do to Alenne . But God knows I have never done anything wrong to you and I am happy about that.
You talk about my person, my marriage, my finances etc.
Alenne do you know how old I am???? 
How can you sit and be talking about me and my life ain’t u ashame????
You even talk about my marriage , Alenne have u ever been married??? Or even had a relationship that lead to marriage and failed??? Never but u go around running ur mouth about mine and you are in ur 40s u are unable to get a wife for urself pathetic!!!
You say I had a Njangi I failed to play in 2015 lol 2015!!!!! and I had money issues …Helloooooo!!!! 
I am sure u know I won’t be the first or last to face a financial break down at some point in my life. But look at me now!!!!! I have moved on gracefully and can even help others!!!
Or do u want me to remind u of ur own numerous times u had serious financial issues and had debts everywhere we know but u think we don’t know????
You keep running ur mouth about me up and down , do u have any idea the things I know about you???? Or do u want me to start talking and do to you what I did to colonel??? Do you want me to start exposing ur dirt with proof??? Cus I talk with receipts and directly , I don’t go behind running my mouth or gossiping like a coward.
I am not into all this you people’s kiss ass and I belong hypocrite games you people play around, I hope you know that???
I am a one man army . You keep doing that nonsense you are doing and I will deal with you and embarass you accordingly. You don’t want to get to that level with me.
I am a very nice and respectful person but don’t mess with me.
You have tried everything to get me to date you and I respectfully ignored it and laughed over it but it seems at some point it made u mad and pushed u to say these things u keep saying repeatedly about me. 
You talk about me to thesame people you gossip about and call dem all sorts of names. Are u cursed???
You are too old to be doing the things you do .
You ought to be ashamed of yourself and grow up!!!


I don’t go out of my way to look for problems with people , I stay on my lane but if you dare step on my beautiful toes … you will regret ever crossing paths with me.
When you want to bond with people and u have nothing else to use as bonding tool except for gossip . Keep my name out of ur damn mouth!!!!

You are suppose to be the big brother everyone respects in the industry but your gossip and confusionist attitude has earned u nothing but disrespect and no amount of money or properties or possesions can ever make you a better person if you don’t look at that messy attitude of yours acknowledge it and correct it.”

It is a big shame for a man of your age to be behaving like that.
Let dis be the last time I ever have to address the issue of you gossiping about me.

The next time I won’t be this Civil.
Keep my name out of your mouth for ever and stay away from me you Judas!!!
And if you dare provoke me or try to shade me in anyway , I mean anyway…..
Den I consider it that the war has been declared and I was born ready for it !!!!


The last time I did this was to warn another old man Colonel Dickson as he is popularly called.

It sickens me that old men in the industry will always go around talking about young girls trying to bring them down all the time.
Old men whom we took and regarded as elder brothers and gave them respect.

I am a very straight forward person and everyone who knows me knows that.
I don’t play Double standards or double games and I always recognise when I am wrong , take responsibily for it and apologise. I don’t pretend. I don’t force friendships or gossip. I say things straight up and the way they are.
So if you are coming to attack me be very careful , I know how to finish my fufu.

That said this goes as a warning to the rest . 
Some of you your files will be exposed on my page soon. 
You go out of your way to pay bloggers to write fake stories about me to tarnish my image. I will never do that. I will come right here and deal with you on my page.
You guys move around and talk about people you dont know the dirt we know about you.
None of you should bring that witchcraft close to me.


I know some people will come here saying please leave it etc.
But just know sometimes you have to deal with the issue squarely so spare me your moral lessons. Thanks.”

In her post as seen above, she threatened to expose Alenne Menget if she continues to here gossips about her triggered by Alenne.

If you are here , because you want to know what the gossip was about, then sorry, Karawa Diary has not been able to get that information yet, But trust you favorite blog, we got you covered on this one.

Both Alenne and Stephanie are some of the most influential actors the Cameroon Movie industry has. Before we got to this point, we have pretty much been getting fights just from our Artists and DJ’s like was the case recently.

Asides the movies, Stephanie,  CEO of Embi Production and #Embi Charity Foundation, has been doing a wonderful Job, empowering fellow women and girls out there In her own words and i quote “Empowering women and girls through good menstrual hygiene and ending Menstrual shame is fundamental to girls and women empowerment”

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