Douala: 40ft Container falls on taxi and traps people in it at rond point (photo)


About 9pm today A container being transported through rond point in Douala fell from the back of the truck carrying it. Karawa Diary cannot tell for sure if the container was carrying any goods or anything. The truck carrying the container galloped as it was trying to negotiate a bend and had the container on it thrown away.

The container fell on a taxi with people on it which was by the road ready to transport passengers to Bonaberi and got trapped under it. Two people were successfully pulled out of the taxi earlier.

A shot of the container taken in the dark at time it happened.

The taximan was stuck in when the container fell. He was however pulled out later. Two lorry’s couldn’t pull it off on first try. They had to bring a “Caterpillar” to lift it. The whole of rond point was celebrating the successful rescue.Passers-by and traders aroound rond point even hoisted the military man who had coordinated the rescue shoulder high. It’s a rare and beautiful story entwined with a horrible and scary start that ended alright. It was a feast out there though, especially for pick pockets.

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