Ernest Obama of Vision 4 suspended for 2 months alongside others


The sledgehammer of the Cameroon National Communication Council, NCC, has descended on Ernest Obama, a slanderous supposed journalist, who works for Vision 4 Television. He alongside Sidoine Monkam have been suspended from practising the profession for two months.

At the heart of the Anglophone crisis, Ernest Obama persistently called on the state to take acute repressive measures to show the strength of the military on the population of the South West and North West for persisting in their demands. This triggered a heavily worded petition signed by a score of journalists of English expression which has landed the sadistic journalist in the sanctions. Meantime, a cross-section of the petitioners have frowned at what they call very mild sanctions for too heavy a crime. The one of the anglophone petition was deemed inadmissible at the NCC.

According to the Communique below signed but Peter Essoka were the sanctions given.

In a related development, the NCC has suspended for one month Parfait Ayissi, another journalist with Vision 4.

Chantal Roger Tuile was dismissed from the profession as well as his news paper LA TRIBUNE DE L’EST


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