FIAFA CEO blasts Cameroon Fashion Week organizers


Mr Nemfor Alfred, CEO of FIAFA who is also a photographer, took to his Facebook wall to blasts organizers of the fast approaching Cameroon Fashion Week or should I say Criticize them for a wrong move made?

Martine Boss Moussongo Musongo who heads the team of Organizers for the Cameroon Fashion Week, posted a flyer of the Fashion Week on her Facebook page announcing the Gala Night tickets for the Fashion Week. This flyer posted on Facebook did not go quite well with some Fashionistas including Fredash Nemfor who reacted immediately with this post. See below..


See picture posted by Miss Boss below..

According to Nemfor, this poster does not represent Cameroon in anyway and as such should not be used because it degrades the Cameroon Fashion Industry. Miss Boss did not stay mute as she responded saying…


The Cameroon Fashion Industry has experienced so much growth in a very such while and a lot of fashion related activities are being organized by many Fashion gurus. One of this activities is the Cameroon Fashion Week which is going to take place sometime soon.

Cameroon Fashion Week Fundraising Gala Night Tickets are Ready for Sale and  Available at Miss Boss Fashion Showroom Face Total Bali Douala
Various Designers From all over will be present.Fashion Show, Dance, Comedy,  Surprise Guest,Star from UK and a lot more.

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