First Batch of medical students in Cameroon to score a 100% hail from UB; they are all shades of gorgeous at Gala (photos)

Batch of Excellence

It has not been seven days or 7 months but seven good years. Not any kind of years but that invested with hard work, dedication, devotion, sacrifice and everything it takes to breed success. The BATCH OF EXCELLENCE is what they called themselves. They did celebrate this excellence on Saturday the 1st of July with a turn-up party. I know you want me to tell you how it went at the Gala Night but permit me to take you down memory lane and bore you with a little bit of what I know about this batch.


Dating back to 2010, these newly named crew of medical doctors made their way into the Faculty of Health Sciences in the University of Buea after making it at the national exams that qualified you to be part of the 7 years’ journey. I remember in 2010, I was part of their Freshmen party and they know how to ‘turn up’. I bet you, if you were there you will be wondering if these to-be doctors will be able to handle school looking at the way they partied. I bet you, that was their strength not a weakness. They utilized every platform they had to build a strong bond of unity within them. You know how they say, Friends who become family?


Fonje Ahmed was elected their class delegate same 2010 to head the class through an academic year. Normally the term of a class delegate ends at the end of an Academic Year and he/she could be re-elected into the position or replaced. Well, for Ahmed, he ran through the entire seven years as class delegate (That’s the spirit of our true African leaders, they never leave …hihihi kidding). That was an aside. Maybe he just found favor with his mates right?

In their third year (2013-2014) they were sent to live about in little groups in different towns in the South West Region for the community health practice. I talked with one of them and he said that was an experience of a life time. They lived in camps (girls and boys together) for a whole month. They hustled food together, they got into interior villages together. Their keyword was togetherness. The fourth year was same experience of community work and the ability to work together as a lone entity and the guts to tolerate each other.

Then came the fifth year where they had hospital postings to Limbe, Buea and Douala (The young had grown and had to be part and parcel of what they studied in class through practice). The partying Spirit was definitely on standby by the sixth year. I remember talking to one of the Doctors who described this year (6th year) as the most challenging and tensed. I mean, they had studied, fought, partied, sacrificed and given in their everything even in front of patience of different hospitals and it was about time for them to compete with other medical schools in the National Licensing Exams.

Dr Budzi Michael was top student at the Licensing Exams from Buea

This Batch was the first batch ever to score a hundred percent at the National Licensing Exams with Dr. Budzi Michael being their top student. My spiritual adviser said names follow people. I bet this batch of Excellence proved it so. Am considering naming my first child Karawa Billionaire, after all, who will mind a billionaire kid (ha ha, am not bluffing though).

In the 7th and final year, it was all about putting all of these knowledge into one place under the help of a research programs and defense to proof their statues as medical doctors in front of parents, well-wishers and bigger names in the trade. I was present at the defense session and though some said defense was just a formality because the exam was already a pass, I saw people cry expressing joy as they successfully defended their titles in front of professors and specialized Doctors.


Ok, enough of the stories, Saturday night was a Gala night to celebrate victory, success and above all excellence. It was a long time coming, they started with a party and had to end with one. I was in the beginning and then here I am at the end telling you the story. It was a Champaign filled night, wining and dining, dance, performances from artists Like Edgar and Eddy and all that you will find in a typical gala night.


The gala night was graced by the presence of Batches that had gone ahead of them. In their midst was also the lecturer that gave them their first Lesson as they got into the University, the renowned Dr. Weledji. The night was hosted by two incredible people Dr.Bimela Herman and Dr. Linonge Etombi Christie. The whole night was made possible by a Local Organizing Community made up of Dr Njang Emmanuel., Dr. Wepngong Emerson and Dr. Ebasone Peter vanes.


Just before I leave you guys, these Doctors and the guests at the gala night were all shades of gorgeous as they stormed the Red Carpet. I bet you, you did not think that doctors could slay like this. See more images below.

Congratulations to the Batch of Excellence and by the way KD readers, stay tuned, we will bring you more coverage as they get sworn in this month of July at their graduation ceremony.






  1. Wow this is lovely. This happens only when people are given a chance to follow their passion. Am pretty sure that these young doctors have a passion for improving our health. I have also witness this very batch celebrate God for their success in my church some time ago. Kudos and lots of love.

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