Has Jovi LeMonstre signed a new artists or he is finally on a collabo with another?


New Bell Muzic has been one of Cameroon’s top ranking Record Labels for years now with Artist and Co CEO Jovi LeMonstre at the helm of it. Despite the release of three albums, endorsements and a good number of signed artists to this label, one thing that Jovi will seldom do is a Collaboration with other artists. Many have questioned his art with respect to that.

However, recently Jovi as usual, who is very active on twitter made a post that got people thinking. Could Jovi possibly be open for a collaboration or he has actually signed another artist and he is working with already. This was his post..

Jovi made it clear and I quote

“This next artist I’m working with, Maximum Exposure!! Stay tuned #mboko”

What is the mystery man up to this time, Nobody knows, but of course, he never disappoints.

What do you think?