“He wears the crown, you are just a nasty boy playing local league” Martin Enow Blasts Jovi (see tweets)


So, I don’t know if this another publicity stunt or this for real. First of all, Jovi for some reason best known to him goes to his twitter page as usual and rains nasty insults on Pit Boss of Empire, Stanley and Magasco. See tweets below.

Martin Enow, Boss of Motherland the record label under which Stanley Enow is signed to responds 24hrs later with tweets even crazier than those of Jovi. I cannot say for sure what all these is about but Karawa Diary can show you the tweets as it is.See tweets Below..

So after Martin Enow’s crazy responses if i have to describe it, Jovi Lemonstre actually did tweet something that made it very clear to me that this another publicity stunt. I guess the fans always fall for it. We will bringing you more on this if Magasco or Pit responses. see tweet below

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