HERO Cameroon commemorates World breastfeeding week with over 175 pregnant and expectant mothers

HERO Cameroon in Muyuka

1st to the 7th of August is celebrated as World Breastfeeding awareness week. During this period every year, young and old mothers are being educated about the importance of breastfeeding and how to keep healthy while they do so, so that the baby stays healthy.

HERO (Health Education and Research Organization) Cameroon has not been relenting their efforts in seeing that this project is carried out as a way of giving back to the society. Well, if you did forget, let me remind you that health is wealth and if you are healthy, well then you are rich.

For a period of one-week HERO was able to cover Muyuka District Hospital (MDH), Nkambe District Hospital(NDH) and Mboppi Baptist Hospital (MBH) all found in the Southwest Region, Northwest Region and Littoral Region of Cameroon respectively. The one-week event involved education of breastfeeding and expectant mothers on the advantages of Breastfeeding, Techniques of breastfeeding (so, some people will start asking me how is it possible that some people don’t know breastfeeding techniques? well go ask your mama…lol) and the barriers to exclusive breastfeeding.

1st ,4th and 5th of August had the HERO team members assemble daily at 9:30am, administering questionnaires and giving health talks, displaying some pictures and handing of charts and later times of the day.

I talked with one of the HERO team members, a young doctor who expressed that their trip to the headquarters of Donga Matung Division in the North West Region, Nkambe was total fun despite the huddles that came with it. They Successfully educated over 175 pregnant and expectant mothers with 32 at MDH, 45 at NDH and 98 at the MBH.

At the end of each session, charts containing breastfeeding techniques and advantages of breastfeeding were distributed to the Antenatal departments of these hospitals for continuous education in these health facilities.

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The team partnered with GiftedMom, Hospimobile and Njorku Cameroon to commemorate this year’s Breastfeeding. GiftedMom and HospiMobile are platforms that have been created to digitalize the health sector in Cameroon to reduce infant mortality as well as several other health hazards. Njorku is One of the biggest Job search engines in Africa.

While HERO continuous to change the world through the health sector, Karawa Diary is here to let you hear it.

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