Issa Beef? Blaise B and Tzy Panchak exchange social media blows, all a scam


Hey beautiful KD readers. Today is one of those days and this is one of those gists you don’t want to miss out on. Do you even know that yesterday Tata Of New Bell Dropped a new song? Well, when you are done listening to that song, you will want to wash water before drinking it.(hihihihi). Ok! let me get serious. Lets dive into what you saw on that topic.

Recently Alpha Beta Record’s Blaise B and Tzy Panchak of Blu Nation were up and against each other on social media for some reason I am going to tell you right now. Karawa Diary did not want to dive into talking about this until the time was right. Before I even give you my opinion on this, I will love to fill you in with the gist.

Blaise B recently sent out a post on his social media platform, what was meant to be an advise to artists in the entertainment industry erupted. The post read as seen below.

And still am not going to say anything yet till I show you that particular response that got me thinking for a bit. This response came from Tzy Panchak. Well, if you did not know, Tzy is presently in the USA for one of his shows. This was his response to Blaise B’s Post.

Well, that was not the end of it because Blaise came back to respond to Tzy. The post read as below…

Now, I am going to give you a couple of opinions about all this social media saga. Firstly, Blaise B made a post and did not mention any name right? Yes I know he did add stop disgracing us internationally there as if it was directed to someone in particular. Was it entirely proper for Tzy panchak to come replying to this message claiming it was for him if there was no background chat with him and Blaise? Do you think Tzy is not mature enough to know that he is not supposed to respond to a post like that especially when he Knows his name wasn’t mentioned? Is Tzy now the only from Cameroon out of the country? Or should I say the only artist disgracing internationally (lol).

Tzy poses with boss of Blu Nation Marvin (he knows how to play the cards in his hands)

Common KD readers, can’t you read the scam?! This is some publicity stunt so that people like us who spend time behind our laptops can get to work for their benefit. In Blaise B’s last response, he claims he did not know that Tzy’s concert was yesterday( how shallow). I mean, these are people of same industry and they might not be under same record label but they definitely discuss about and to each other. Do you think Blaise B did not actually know the concert date? Well lets assume he did not but I am guessing the both needed this to stay on the lamplight. Are they stupid now? of course not. You know how they say? there is no bad publicity. Are we stupid to think this was real? of course we are.

Tzy has been on the blogs lately for one of the craziest reasons ever such as his show was going to be boycotted bla bla bla!!!. Tell me who does not like to be talked about that often. He cannot let the lamplight dim. Blaise B on the hand needed Tzy to remind people that he dropped one song titled Front and Back and yes if you did not know Blaise B released such a song (watch it below). Tzy mentioned that he like that song in his response to Blaise. Even Meek Mill kept singing ALL EYES ON ME with all the negativity that flocked his career at some point. People just want to be talked about and you know the fun part? that’s what we do, we just talk about it, yes am talking about me, I talk, I really talk.

I know how some fans said Blaise did not have the balls to call Tzy’s name in the post and claimed it was actually for Tzy and I was like so Tzy had the balls to own up just like that? own up to the disgrace of being that bad voice who disgraces people internationally ? Who sees rags and walks right into wearing them without shame? Are you Kanye West? (hahaha)

Bottom Line is these two definitely know what they are up to and if I did not convince you then I guess you have a different problem (Ngueme di surely hold you for neck,lol)

I will still love to know what you think in the comment box below. Its 237 all the way and before I sign out, let me leave you with that Ngueme song…



What do you think?