Jean Claude:Miss Cameroon Contest Scandal


Senior Journalist Jean Claude Mbede has circulated a write up on social media decrying scandal at ongoing COMICA event, that will see the election of new miss Cameroon.
You should know by now that Larissa Bulong, candidate number 12 is no more a contestant. She resigned, just to come back and was told, too late Hewett.
Jeane Claude Mbede who in his article says he has sent a petition to first lady Chantal Biya, revealed that Larissa Bulong was forced to design by COMICA after social media users widely voted in her favor. Threatened by this and given the fact that officials of COMICA allegedly have their candidate, they threaten her life, asking her to resign.
Jean Claude Mbede says  he has spoken with close members of Larissa and  the truth is, her life was in danger.
It is argued she has no exam to write as purported by COMICA, if so why did she appear again on Saturday morning expressing wish to join others.

Still verifying the veracity of this information,CRTV  reported in its 7:30 Televised news that she came late and was dismissed from the contest.

Raissa Mandeng was a candidate from Adamaoua region of Cameroon.After the Final she reveals that to be Miss Cameroon,You have to buy votes for 500,000FCFA. She reveals that deals unfold within COMICA,Miss Cameroo

Later the Post below has been pulled off from her page ,she is claiming her account was hacked.The Post had over 500 comments.

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