MelB and KayNine to start roasted fish business!


[At the end of the article, a big question for you : ARE DEEJAYS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR PROMOTING MUSIC, comment below]

KayNine and his alleged girlfriend MelB, as usual, at the end of insult from every direction because of a lie posted on facebook. Everyone must have access to true information, unless classified. But nowadays, people just use lies to gain popularity and mass media, a technique reintroduced by Donald Trump.

What do we have here? June 11 saw a facebook poster accusing a set of Cameroon DJs at Shepherd Snack in Kumba for totally ignoring Kamer musics. If you are not used to Cameroon music, the country has more than 7 genres of music (bikutsi, pop, zouk, rnb, makossa, salsa, pachanga, genre, reggae and jazz). 

Rough translation :Djs at shepherd remix, what has kamer music done to you? You keep repeating nigerian tracks, and never play kamer tracks. out of 10, just one kamer music,

Well, everyone has the right to do whatever on Facebook, after all, it’s a free world. Even cake-sellers like Bate Nina too can write rubbish.

ah yes, someone to the rescue!
ah yes, someone to the rescue!

Now,K9 and his chick MelB! One thing for sure celebrities hate, even the poor ones, is being insulted by others. Why? Because it goes very far. This can’t be an exception.

Singer MelB Akwen and her producer/lover K9

KayNine  received set of insults from an anonymous person who came to rescue the said DJs under false accusation, after KayNine put his head into Bate Nina’s post without verifying or sticking to his business.

kaynine commenting

KayNine then apparently said MelB is rich and doesn’t care about haters. Then the gates of hell broke lose! As if that was not enough, the insults quickly wrapped up his girlfriend too, and the duo were asked to quit music and start roasted fish business. I wonder where?!?

i cant stop laughing. seriously, melB to burn fish? na for dey ei don bad!

Djs have a role to play in promoting their music, I don’t know if it’s an obligation. ARE DEEJAYS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR PROMOTING MUSIC, comment below!


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