Latest Press Release: Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium



Fellow West Cameroonian, Throughout today Monday 9 January 2017, we have monitored the situation of the Ghost Town Operation called to be in the North West and South West Regions and must say that our people have sent a very strong, message to those who feel that they can continue to oppress, humiliate, marginalize and deprive us of our citizenship in this country. Today. ALL our people have shown that they are truly aggrieved and are willing to sacrifice for future generations. If anyone ever doubted our unity, our desire for a better future or our thirst to see our Anglo-Saxon heritage respected and our willingness to be heard. today is their answer.

The Consortium is extremely thankful to ALL West Cameroonians — from Penda Mboko, to Alou; from Santa to Abongshie; from Furu Awa to Idenau; from Mamfe, Widikum, Kumba, Kumbo. Mundemba to Muyuka, Jakiri, Mutengene, Tiko. Fundong, Victoria. Bamenda, Mbengwi and Nkambe — for the show of solidarity and determination to see to it that Government responds to all the questions we have raised and the multiple problems which affect our existence in Cameroon. We appreciate everyone who felt concerned by this noble cause — the brick layer, economic operators, parents, teachers, lawyers, bike riders, taxi drivers, etc. and our children who stayed at home, we say thank you. We are also thankful to our brothers from the East of the Mungo. living with us, for their understanding and for respecting our current action. We are glad that you have concern for our happiness in this union and that contrary to what Government tried to project, we are not against you.

Sometimes we have to make these sacrifices when we are faced with the craftiness of government. At the same time we have to be calculated and measured in our action. That is why the Ghost Town is suspended for now, but ALL schools — from nursery school to University — remain closed till the people of West Cameroon are given satisfactory solutions to the problems of exclusion, marginalization, abuse, infrastructural development, employment, and the safeguard or guarantee of our protection by the Government. The lawyers’ strike also remains in full force, till the time Government decides that they are ready for genuine dialogue. That is why our people continue to clamour for a two-state Federation as a guarantee of our protection in this country.

In the same light, we call on ALL West Cameroonians to go to church on Sunday 15 January, 2017 and thank God for peace, unity, for success and for hearing our cry as a people. Let non-Christians do same in their respective places of worship. God is our strength.

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