Lipstick that may stick around


From nude all the way to black these are the colors of the season.There is a shade for every girl and a guy for every girl. While girls of course are exposed to all the shades and options this article is the guys perspective on the trend. U will like this one.

Make-up has been one of the major highlights of beauty trends lately and the lips need a right shade to blend in and make everything look ok and before now it was either pink or red but that of course is according to the ladies. Guys have a different perspective when it comes to lip color and impressions. Because Buea is too small and everyone is so popular we cannot do two names but this guy Sam says “the day my girlfriend wears black lipstick we are going to have a serious talk,red I can take,pink I can handle but black hmmm that is a no go area and I have told her” Boris however is more open minded. “my girl looks good in any shade so i’m good with whatever she chooses (don’t we all love a guy that has such confidence and no lipstick boundaries?)

Derek T. prefers less and simple “to be honest a natural look is ideal for me but shades and lipsticks for fashion’s sake are good and enhance beauty in most women so I can accept and tolerate if no exaggeration (I thought he will end like no lipstick is good I would have alerted the make up association) Make-up artists seemingly match a shade with a look maybe smoky,goth,sultry but advice the ladies that whatever you do this season get a shade preferably matte which is dry and lasts longer but hey, you may want to run that by boo first.

The guys have said their piece what do the ladies think? Stephenie M says I think bold colors like purple and black were crazy in those days but they are so cool now but of course there are still no no’s like blue and green.” I like this next answer from Frita L. I think my boyfriend should accept that make up is evolving into bolder choices just like t-shirts into yeezys which are bizarre and look like gowns but we suck it up so from indigo to grey we are just all trying on trends and that’s the only way you know what suits you best”

You heard it here first guys so while we hope museum art stays there and run way make-up gets cleaned off after the show we hope no relationships end because our lip color doesn’t fit in any longer. Word of advice from make up guru??? use matte Cause balms are just harder to maintain once the sunshine in Buea starts so don’t be fooled by this rain. So bolder colors for lipstick are a major trend of the season. Guys good luck,ladies,hang in there. Love always.


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