Locko to pen down new contract with Universal Music Africa


What’s popping your world KD readers? I am guessing you are having an amazing time vibing to our vibes. You know how it is , it’s all about what is hot and what is not.

What is hot is Locko has been eyed by the Universal Music Africa. From the looks of things, Universal Music has an eye on Cameroonian talents. The first artist to be picked up by this organization was Tenor and now Locko.

Locko has had a successful career at big dreams ent. However, it seems the contract terms and management were not tempting enough for him to renew and continue with his former label. Locko is looking at a bigger picture and bigger platform hence his intention to sign with Universal Music Africa come the 29th of June 2018 at Canal Olympia Bessengué

The event will be covered by different media platforms and the exercise of a press conference with a question and answer session.

What else can we wish for the Sawa Romance crooner but good luck as he takes another leap in his musical career. Congratulations Locko.


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