Make money while online with Swisscoin


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    Swisscoin has taken a verge of popularity around the world and now it is more than time to talk about it in our community firstly, let us proceed by talking briefly about swisscoin.

    What is swisscoin

    Swisscoin is a Bitcoin alternative and considered as the future of cryptocurrency. Swisscoin  originated in Switzerland with a number of partners from Germany. This company gives people the opportunity to step into financial liberty and let people take advantage of digital currency.

    How does it work

    Swisscoin offers its member a wide range of educational packages ranging from €25(about 18000frs) to €15,000. Any package you purchase will generate tokens, those are used to generate Swisscoin in the system. Each swisscoin is presently worth about 0.15euro but is expected to rise to a very high price in some time.We may want to look at the case of the bitcoin with was worth about $0.02 in 2009 but already in 2013, one bitcoin was worth about $1300.This is a huge increase and actually has produced so many rich people in the space of no time.This comes with time and risk.At that moment, few people were actually concious of this situation and so did not get into the train.Swisscoin actually came to be the next opportunity which comes only one time.

    How to register at Swisscoin?

    Getting an account with Swisscoin is completely free of charge. You can signup by clicking Signing up will give you 100 coins free of charge. Their website language is European so you can translate it with an online translation tool. Click on the Register link and you will get a form on the next page. Fill up the form with the appropriate details and submit it.

    You might experience some technical errors while signing up for the site, so it is recommended not to panic and try registering after some time. Once your account is created, you need to complete your profile because without completing it, you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings. You can complete your profile by clicking on basic data>>mydata

    Some important things to note is that what is required for the moment is everything that has a red star by the side.

    Secondly,you can use your id card number in the place of passport ID. also you can use 0237 as your zipcode.That is what is needed for now

    Other Ways of making money with swisscoin

    There is a huge opportunity of making money with swisscoin at the present time. Everyone who will be early enough will make very big. It takes a little of 1 or 2 hours of work daily and you are good to go. Swisscoin has introduced a network marketing part which actually helps people to make money from that.There is a great compensation plan  in doing that. Swisscoin has introduced this kind of marketing plan because the power of a cryptocurrency depends on the number of people using it.

    Why we should use it in our community

    For a long time we have been the spectators in the issue of making money.It has always been a taboo in our community but now it is our time to get active. So far we can already see some individuals who sustain a living from swisscoin, we can even report someone who has made more than 14 millions francs in 5 months with swisscoin. Starting is so easy. First, join the network using and then join this whatsapp group created by the community  to guide you on the way forward.

    What do you think?