Meet the 10 year old Cameroonian Genius sitting in for the Probatoire in the sciences


Geniuses really do exist! you may term it witchcraft but i call it a Gift.Earlier Yesterday Equinoxe TV  visited a young boy named Jean Pierre Esome aged 10 who is sitting for GCE O’level( in French as Probatoire) in the C category which deals with the sciences and his dad explains that by 2 and a half years old he already knew his mathematical multiplication. ” At 2 years old he knew everything on the mathematical timetable, i will look at him and wonder what kind of kid he is” the father explains. The father also added that he could calculate the surface area of a circle at that same age.

By the time he was four he was already conjugating and dictating in good tenses in the French language.Teachers present equations and this young kid points out errors in them but the teachers tell him to copy it as it is written only to discover that the kid was right.

Due to this wonderful performances..His dad made him skip classes. Asides mathematics,he spends time playing video games and playing football.This family is dealing with geniuses,his sister too, aged 8years old is already in form two. Is this not just an amazing blessing?

Watch video below .Courtesy to Equinox TV…

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