Ndamo Damarise, the rising sweetheart of Kamer Entertainment Industry!


Ndamo Damarise, the rising sweetheart of Kamer Entertainment Industry!

Camerwood has rapidly upgraded in the last half a decade, many key players involved. Today, we look at a rising star, who certainly has played a role in the upgrade. KD dug to find out about our star on profile today.

Who is Damarise?

Popularly known for featuring in Mr Leo – Kemayo and Fleur et Venus – Locko, the star is a film actress and model. Born in Kumba, Damarise comes from a family who heavily supports her career.  An intellectual, she studied Bilingual Letters at the University of Buea. She  also works as an Ambassador for “Lifestyle”,an organization for female hygiene.

Involvment in Camerwood…

Ndamo Damarise started her career in 2015. In a close word with her, she considers this move as been ‘a passion’. Getting to bring out different characters and emotions certainly shows the best of her.

Her TV collections..

After featuring in Kemayo, Damarise has featured in 8 movies, 3 feature films, 2 comedy skits and 3 TV series.In her first movie, Rumble, she played as a court registrar.

Her biggest platform was on Apple for Two (Daphne, as a lead character). The movie also featured popular Nigerian actor, Bishop Emeh, Nadia Buari, Quinta Eyong and Mac Donald. She considers this a good start to a life time achievement.

Other audiovisuals she has performed in include  Ward Zee (as Kate),  Samba (as Lauretta) and Amanda’s Cross (as Amanda).

Her personal notes..

As much as she wants a boost in her career, Damarise denounces acting roles of lesbian or stripper. She hopes for roles of a blind person, counsellor and an illiterate. Certain household names are her collabo-crush :Syndy Emade, Brenda Elung, Claudio Oben, Victor Viyoh, Ala Leo, Tyler Perry.

Follow her on IG : https://www.instagram.com/ndamo_damarise/


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