“All those who are no longer at NEW BELL had loyalty issues”-Jovi boils on twitter again


Hey!!! what’s up the most beautiful and Loyal readers. Am happy you always stop by to see what’s happening around you, that’s loyalty. Well Jovi said some people did not Just have that loyalty aspect. But you know how they always say,” if you are not informed then you are deformed”. Let us dive into whats popping already.

The boss and co-owner of New Bell Music, JoviLeMonstre has his way around things ok? Yesterday he was on another twitter rant as it has been the case for this year. However, this time he was not on Pit or Magasco or the other artists. He was totally about New Bell and his family.

Of all his tweets yesterday one of them caught my attention. Check it below…

“You can’t serve two masters at a time. That’s a trait Disloyal people have. All those who are no longer at NEW BELL had loyalty issues”  Jovi said. To be honest, this one got me thinking if PAscal who is now signed at strange kings is part of this ALL he talked of. Well I cannot measure Loyalty and I was not in New Bell to tell, but I did experience how Pascal ask people to mention the name of the Mboko god at a show in Buea before he even commenced performing. Was that some level of loyalty and respect?

Jovi has his social media moments like Donald trump of the USA and when he begins twitting, it can last really long. Karawa Diary took a couple of his yesterday tweets to show you.

There is that sweet part where he mentioned that he is a father now and he loves his daughter so much and his family is so big and he does not beg for love. OK boss!! we got that clearly. See tweets below

Don’t ask me what triggered all this, one thing am certain about is, he airs his mind when necessary.


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