North West: HERO Cameroon commemorate world diabetes day

HERO team pose for a picture with men and women of Fundong

HERO Cameroon commemorated world diabetes day at Fundong District Hospital diabetic clinic in the North West region of Cameroon.

This was carried out under the theme  Women and diabetes; our right to a healthy future. During this period, a number of activities were carried out. A Radio talk on Diabetes was one of these activities.

They also treated health talks on topics such as Signs and symptoms of diabetes, foot care in people living with diabetes, the role of nutrition in management of type 2 diabetes and screening for common complications of type 2 diabetes.

HERO Cameroon (Health Education and Research Organization), is an NGO with branches in Cameroon and the U.K. Their main mission is health Education, health promotion, research and community development. They follow the WHO health day calendars in implementation of some of their projects. The target population of the organization has greatly changed from rural populations to semi-urban populations mainly in Cameroon but increasingly, through social media, they reach a wider audience.

Health was recognized as a prerequisite for economic emergence and this has been demonstrated through previous and future projects in health research and health promotion through health education.

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