Oops!! Mr Leo’s call for prayers back fires (photos)


Hey hey hey!!! Its me again. By the way, if you are expecting to read this article like one of those you do in other blogs then sorry, just run away( of course am kidding) finish reading up. This article was actually on my live stream earlier today. Check it on my wall

So, let me pour you the gist alright. Mr Leo is in the USA, yes! the guy flies all over the world now if you did not know. But, is my post even about the fact that he is in the US? no, thats not news anymore. Stars travel, don’t they?

Recently (on His birthday) he went to his Facebook official page and called on people to offer a prayer for Texas. Well, see it below..

So, in just a short while people got offended by that post and of course reacted. Karawa Diary was able to take screenshots of some of this reactions that is now all over other social media platforms… see below…

Was it wrong to offer a Prayer for Texas? of course not. Maybe just wrong timing for the superstar right? I don’t want to call it hate.

A couple of weeks ago, Cameroon experienced several tragedies especially in road accidents. For months Cameroonians have been unstable with fights at the political level. The fans feel that Mr Leo should have directed his energy towards this same Cameroonians who made him who he is instead he asking for prayers for Texas. I know they almost fought me today on live stream when I asked if someone has to necessarily pray for me before I pray for him because according to some fans, Texas does not pray for us so we can’t pray for them.

Just to clear the air a bit, on the 20th of August Mr Leo made a similar post in relation to the accident that happened at Muyuka mile 29. He sent his condolences to the bereaved. see below

Too bad, this will not justify anything, Cameroonians  are so emotional. By the way! this is all I came to tell you. Am not all about the formal way of telling you what is boiling in the world of showbizz.

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