Pascal reacts to being accused of stealing a beat


Pascal is one of New Bell Music’s dope rappers and a sensation worth listening. He has done several songs with Cameroon’s biggest producer Jovi Le Monstre and several other artists. Pascal also just recently released her new album WorkDey3 which is a bundle of hard-work.

The homework rapper and New Bell Music sensation Pascal was accused a couple of weeks ago for stealing a beat she used to produce homework.

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After a lot of people talked about it and accused his production house and label for getting him on a free beat, very little was heard from him until recently. As earlier stated by Karawa Diary on the post, Damn was the beat maker who produced this same beat that was used by another artist and then Pascal on the song homework. The questions were, did Damn produce a free beat or did he actually sell it to two artists or did he borrow it to Pascal?

Pascal and Damn the beat maker

Karawa Diary followed up with the updates as promised and Pascal finally spoke up as concerns the scandal. This is what he tweeted as he posted a picture with him and the beat maker Damn.


He stated on the tweet categorically clear that there are four things he wont do as far as a beat is concerned, He won’t buy, beg, borrow or steal beats. KD readers did you get that? Yes he does not buy either. All his beats are probably produced,cooked and served hot from New Bell Music.

So Pascal did not steal the beat as accused before. However, if he did not who did? was AppleBlvck just ranting with his mate?One beat has been used by two artists and they both claim they did not steal, so can a producer and a beat maker make a beat for two artists to use now?

According to KD, we cannot just let the information shallow, so stay tuned to the latest on this and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the comment box below.

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