Patrice Nganang’s daughter writes letter to his imprisoned father, heart touching


Patrice Nganang’s daughter wrote this heart touching letter to her father who is still in prison. “Dear Daddy,…no matter where you are someone will stand with you. Why? Because you do the right thing, don’t worry about us because we stand up for you too!” —Nomsa

The writer Patrice Nganang was detained on Wednesday 6 December in Douala, Cameroon for publishing an online report about a visit he made to his home country. His report highlighted the tense situation in a region accused by President Biya of Cameroon of being a base for terrorist groups.

The crisis in the Anglophone region began at the end of 2016 when its representatives complained of the under-representation of their regions in the principal institutionsof the country such as schools and government departments. Twenty percent of Cameroon’s population is Anglophone (English-speaking) while the rest are mainly French-speaking.


  1. this is beautiful and sad… he has been blessed with a family strong enough to stand by him, a daughter wise enough to undestand that sometimes, somethings are more important than her birthday. i hope he got this wherever he is and i hope it gives him courage. God help Us , please keep that man safe and bring him back to his little girl

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