Politics:Cameroon and China to abolish reciprocal visa arrangement


According to APAnews. Karawa Diary learned that A bill authorizing the Cameroonian President to ratify an agreement between the government and China to reciprocally abolish a visa requirement for holders of diplomatic or service passports, is under consideration by Parliament in Yaoundé, official sources have told APA.

The text provides that state officials, who are not accredited in the territory of the other party, may enter, transit, stay, or exit that country without a visa for a maximum period of 30 days.

It also indicates that holders of diplomatic or service passports, members of a diplomatic mission, a consular post or a mission may also enter or remain in the territory of that state during their tour of duty, provided that the usual accreditation procedures are completed within 30 days of their initial introduction.

The draft exemption, which is the result of an agreement, signed in July 2016 between the two countries, covers government officials and assimilated personnel, but also senior military officers holding at least the rank of general.

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