Salatiel has a message for those who misinterpret his hustle


Earlier today the 12th, the Alpha Beta Records boss Salatiel took to his Facebook wall to make some establishments about his personality. Whatever triggered this post is not known, but we though we had let you catch a glimpse of it.

If the screenshot was not clear enough then you can read all of it right here

“I will never show off a car, house, lifestyle or anything of the sort to look cool for a moment with a life I don’t have yet, but rest assured before you open your eyes, I will be there and above. But on the way there I will show the world and young ones the little steps it takes to climb up that ladder. I will show them the process so when the success comes they don’t think it falls from the sky like Manna like many people before us have done… I am no “celebrity” I’m a hustler that knows how to music and like any other businessman I will sacrifice the pleasure, luxury and extravagance others claim to have to build.
So if you are looking for celebrity lifestyle or hype to talk about well go look somewhere else, because here we #hustle.
Most of us from down there grew up knowing “Bush falling” is synonymous to success, or getting a degree and a job in an office is complete settlement and happiness and many things like that but with more than 6yrs travelling around the world the world I have seen that is not true and the reason people still believe in these societal “norms” is because those that are there don’t tell the entire truth about the realities they face. I will and if it hurts you well deal with that bcus my mission has a different format
My message is for the young person with nothing and no one to “sponsor” just the way we started (with nothing) so yes I will flaunt a shoe I bought for 10k for all u care to inspire them that it is possible, and when I get that private jet they will know the process! #SansComplexe


Listen to his latest release with Magasco below

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