Samuel Eto’o linked with a ‘chartered plane that ferried Cameroonian returnees from Libya’

Photos showing emaciated slaves gathered in a stuffy room, and then leaving to board a plane have been circulated in the social media. A blog known as Malachysblog has been circulating the information that is yet to be confirmed by the former Barcelona hit man.

The post reads in part: “Samuel Eto’o spent millions of dollars, he boarded a flight for the whole Cameroonians migrants from Libya back to Cameroon who were stuck in Libya and were being tortured to death by the heartless serial killers. See the photos below.” However, the Cameroon international cannot be traced in any of the images shared in the blog.

Eto’o had dismissed some of these reports on November 24 on his Facebook post. He disapproved allegations suggesting that he was going to award the Cameroonian returnees with a million dollar each.

It is only left for time to tell the authenticity of the reports.  This comes in the wake of heightened wave of persecutions meted on African immigrants in Libya, which has evoked widespread reactions.

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