Silicon Mountain Conference 2017 in pictures (+video)


About the Conference

Named after Mount Cameroon, the Silicon Mountain is the burgeoning entrepreneurial community in Fako with headquarter in Buea. Each year, members of this community organize a conference to consult, network, exchange ideas, showcase products/services, meet stakeholders/investors and discuss possible solutions to common challenges.
The Silicon Mountain Conference is at its third year and has attracted over 900 participants, making it the largest community driven event on technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Cameroon.

About this year’s theme

Coming from a community that is built on sound engineering culture rather than sales/marketing, this year’s theme was chosen to force participants to reflect and discuss what seems to be the most worrying concern for startups and businesses within Silicon Mountain: that of Building Profitable and Scalable Ventures.
Members of the community agree the community has attained some degree of maturity and it is time to start discussing ideas on how to drive adoption, close better deals, influence policies and attract venture capital to scale beyond our immediate local markets.

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You can also have a video glimpse of how it went down in video…All live streamed by Karawa Diary.

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