Spanking New: Arrey releases a goose-bump resurrection single “Baecation”


Arrey Ettang is the Low Waist crooner and one of Cameroon’s Finest voices. Despite his long period of silence as far as releases were concerned he was definitely not silent with inspiration. A couple of weeks ago he was on a hard hip hop tune with Stanis and two more artists to grace the ears of fans on the song “Independent”. He also featured with Dijae Karl on another song titled Breath as he chilled underground.

Arrey decided to go all solo on this track titled Baecation. The very first line of the song got me tripping on first listen. Have you ever had a jaw dropping moment before? If not then prepare to have your first,well if you have, then you are about to add to you bank of jaw dropping moments when you listen to this song. By the way the song was made solely for the fans and lovers of good music so it is all free of charge.

If you listen to this song and like it and don’t share it then you are very selfish(lol, cmon! am joking) But please don’t forget to share some good music to some good people.

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    • Thanks Teddy, I see you supporting me everywhere pere!!!! I do it for people like you who love it! More coming! #BraceUp
      Yo Sucreeee, Major Key note article bro! #BasedOnLogistics, You Nailed it paddi!

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