Spanking New: Dance triggering celebration song by T N Oswald ft Emma Keys, Blackshuga “Laye Laye” (+audio)


Hey KD readers, what is popping your world today. I guess you already know that it is Friday, way to go into another thrilling weekend.

We are ushering you into the weekend with a new Christmas vibe presented in the best dancing feel, just how you love it. T N Oswald, makes his debut release with a song that seeks to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. The song was recorded partly in the Wimbum language (a dialect spoken by the indigenous people of Ndu and Nkambe in the NW region of Cameroon).

Laye Laye is the song title and it is an exclamation that calls on people to dance, to rejoice, to party. So when you sit down and listen to this vibe, you are committing a musical sin, better get up on your feet and party.

He was joined on this song by Emma Keys and Blackshuga to give it a hip hop feel. I am guessing you got that song that will ease up the stress of the entire week.

Listen, love and share it …


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