Spanking New: Jovi mystifies his new video clip “Devil No Di Sleep” (+video)


New Bell Music CoFounder, CEO and artist Jovi LeMonstre has released his first video out of the 16 wives project. The song is titled Devil No Di Sleep translated into English as the devil does not sleep.

I must confess that this is the first video by Jovi depicting scenes of nudity very clearly. Yeah! nudity has never really been one of those things you find in his videos. Of course, the songs are always filled with explicit content and all that but not the video.

However, thats not the case. What about the video itself? So many things were going on this video. I mean Jovi finds himself in church at the opening scene then smoking follows, then the crew and a land where he is alone with nobody. Is Jovi trying to say because the devil does not sleep he won’t relent his efforts at doing what the devil does too or he actually means because the devil does not sleep he will watch and pray as seen in Church. But what was it with the naked women on the screen. Does the Feb 1 2017 on that screen mean anything?

Well, Watch the video, we will be demystifying the video to you.

What do you think?