Spanking New: Joyce Babatunde releases new sound “Road to Alive”


Bamenda, Cameroon – Life is a simple yet complex maze, with unexpected turns. It is predictably unpredictable, nostalgically sweet and brief. This is the influencing spirit behind the song “Road To Alive” by Joyce Babatunde. It speaks of a mental and inner process of truly coming alive, and not just existing, explores these diverse facets of life against a backdrop of war, profound loss, an ever-increasing mortality rate, while simultaneously ushering in the havens of rest found in our chosen circles, in passion, purpose and the simplest things like catching breath. This it does through the use of profound lyrics, well contemplated wordplay and its irregular arrangement.

“Road to Alive is a bittersweet semi acoustic piece which tugs at the heartstrings…” says Joyce Babatunde. Release date for the single off her yet to be disclosed Album is set for August 26, 2018. It will be made available on major digital platforms for streaming, purchase and download. She continues, “…I hope It not only soothes the soul of its listener, but also drives action, growth and the discovery of true purpose, while cultivating gratitude and an appreciation of life.”

Road To Alive’” cover artwork – a pencil sketch by Cameroonian Graphic Designer Bine Moukouri, stays true to its simple complexity (simplexity maybe? J), and artfully depicts the soul of the song. The song is produced by Tamba Godwil aka Godemma of Godemma Music.

Joyce Babatunde is an experimental artist from the North West region of Cameroon. She is passionate about inspiring a wind of authentic expression from a Masterpiece mentality; and uplifting people through her melodies and lyrics.

Listen to song here on Youtube

Artist: Joyce Babatunde

Single Release Date: August 26, 2018

Genre: Acoustic soul

Available on:

  • Spotify: August 26, 2018
  • Soundcloud: September 2, 2018
  • YouTube : September 2, 2018

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