Spanking New: Tzy Panchak’s “Ngueme” Cover by Big Lii, the rap version (+video)


The music gods have given us one more blessing-the cover of Ngueme by Big Lii. The original song was done by the amazing Tzy Panchak but Big Lii did a mix of western and afro rap verses on it- a twist that will definitely make your finger to stay on repeat.

This song was produced under Be King Entertainment with the technical knowhow of Mr. McCoy (the wild ass producer).He replicated the instrumentals himself and Big Lii rerecorded the original hook  and chorus.

Bede a.k.a Big Lii started writing and singing 10 years ago and has been doing music professionally for 1 year. His inspiration for doing the cover of Ngueme by Tzy is built on the message he is passing across on our difficult Cameroon and of course who can ignore his unique singing style. Big Lii changed the game totally with this song. How did he do that? Click on the link to find out.

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