Spanking new:Share’On puts out visuals of her single ‘Hold my hand’ (+Video)


Share’On is the reason we are here but, Hey Beautiful KD readers, long time no see, Yeah? We had to take a little break off and check on some of the things that will make accessibility of Karawa Diary page more fun for her readers. We are back and  with some spanking new vibe too. 

Share’On is one of Cameroon’s finest voices and artist that has graced several stages with the very best of the best. Her songs bring messages of peace, hope and love. Her songs have been very impactful to the society we live in and is still creating even more impact.

Amongst her several releases is the song Hold My Hand

Hold my hand is a song written in English and part in her mother tongue (Limbum the native language of the Wimbum people in the NWR of Cameroon). The song is a call to join hands as an expression of love and support. You know how they say, Many hands do more work, We are definitely stronger together.

The Video was Directed by Switch Entertainment & Nformi Roland. Song was Produced by Mr. Elad (PMATT Production). Guitar by Christian Kegne(Simple Guitar) Song written and performed by Share’On. Inspired by the 400years mark of the beginning of Slavery and Slave Trade in Africa and it’s prophetic timing now in relation to the 400years of Slavery experienced by the Israelites.'ON
Extracts from the video with Share’On

Her intention with this love and peace filled song is to stir up an awareness amongst African leaders and Africans worldwide to unite and build this beautiful continent.

After listening to a voice as soothing as that of Share’On you might want to sing along. The good news is you sure can, Below is the lyrics for the song and please as you relax to this song do share to another person if you love it.

Share’On – Hold my hand ( Lyrics ) VERSE1 Do a little on your own Or maybe even a lot  But something happens when we hold hands  When you’re willing to share what you got And you can count on another  We become unstoppable. We were each designed to be useful to one another  Giving you’re very best with no selfish agenda  Even if it only implies you being an inspiration  This way you’ll see how dreams do come true.                                 Pre- chorus Cause we are wiser,yeah we’re  better  And we’re stronger when together  We’re more effective, that’s how it’s meant to be We complete each other  You see..                                                Chorus (Hold my hand) Hold my hand , don’t you let it go (Take my hand) Better still let me be your helping hand (Na mom mbo) Enoh eh mbi koni wè, abi koni mè, yeah ibong  an fah abi (ko mam mbo) Tè so dou, a mè na ko mè boh  VERSE2 There’s such a thing as home away from home But we are one people  And so we  join hands thereby bridging the gab between the diaspora and home 400 !is the number  You may need to study your history if you don’t know what I’m talking about  The melanin, no matter how small is an indication that an ancestor had to leave home Ya bi youh ni lè mè eh But now we’re rising strong And we need all on board                         Pre-chorus  Chorus I’m talking to you, yeah.. Cause now we’re rising strong  And we need all on board… Ya bi youh ni mè  ehh. Yeah……..                            Chorus

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